An enticing “sweet as candy” fashion accessory! Candy Bag is characterized by an unconventional and spontaneous spirit that emerges between tradition and experimentation, where the classic Boston shape is re-interpreted through the innovative use of avant-garde materials. Since its debut in 2011, this iconic style has risen to become a world famous handbag, and has the ability to capture and reflect women’s desire for contemporary, colourful designs with personality. A mix of glamour, wonder and function that ascends through the years, with plays of colors, textures and unique details, pairing transparent PVC with different leathers, animalier prints and other natural materials. An instant object of desire and continuous source of creativity, Candy Bag is also renowned for inspiring new and vibrant synergies with the world of art, making this ‘must-own’ accessory an authentic and original lifestyle symbol.

Vat Number 00610091209 - Copyright @ Furla Spa