Furla 1927
¥ 2.490,00
Care instructions

Avoid exposure to high temperature and humidity

If it is exposed to rain, immediately wipe it dry with a soft neutral cloth

Avoid prolonged exposure to strong light to avoid discoloration

To avoid discoloration, do not let the product contact with other materials for a long time

Store the goods in protective bags. Fill the product with paper to avoid deformation

Each product is accompanied by the best care instructions. Please read it carefully. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at any time.


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How to receive product at store
  • Please visit the store within 3 weeks, after 3 days when you received the shipping confirmation mail.
  • We will send the shipping confirmation mail when the product shipped. (Please not that we can’t inform you the product arrives at the stores.)
  • Please not that the delivery would be late depends on the weather.
  • Please bring the followings when you visit the store.
  • “Order ID” which be in shipping confirmation mail / My Account
  • License / Insurance card / Passport
  • Only the customer purchased can receive the products at the store. Other person can’t receive.
  • Please sign to the designated documents when you receive.
  • If you won’t come to receive the product more than 3 weeks, we will cancel the order. we won’t tell you the cancelation.
  • You can’t specify a delivery date.