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 You can stipulate an address or select to collect the products from certain Furla stores.
* No shipping charges will be incurred if you choose to collect from a Furla store. 

<Furla stores from which products can be collected> FURLA Ginza FURLA Aoyama FURLA Kobe FURLA Yokohama Landmark Plaza FURLA Herbis PLAZA ENT FURLA Korinbo Atrio FURLA Canal City Hakata 

Please use the Store Search to find the address for each store. 
After you have received the email informing that delivery of the products has been completed, please come to the store within at least 3 weeks.

・Please visit the store within 3 weeks, after 3 days when you received the shipping confirmation mail.

・We will send the shipping confirmation mail when the product shipped. (Please not that we can’t inform you the product arrives at the stores.)

・Please not that the delivery would be late depends on the weather.

・Please bring the followings when you visit the store.

“Order ID” which be in shipping confirmation mail / My Account

License / Insurance card / Passport

・Only the customer purchased can receive the products at the store. Other person can’t receive.

・Please sign to the designated documents when you receive.

・If you won’t come to receive the product more than 3 weeks, we will cancel the order. we won’t tell you the cancelation.

・You can’t specify a delivery date.

Yamato Transport deliver throughout the country for 756 yen. We ship for free when your order is above 32,400 yen.

No, we only ship domestically.

We will deliver our product within 3-5days after the order has been placed. We apologize in advance for any delay in getting your items to you.

You can find your tracking number in the e-mail you received confirming the “Shipment” of your product. Please go to the Yamato Transport Co Ltd. website and enter the tracking number to check the status.

Please note that your product may be delivered before you receive a confirmation email or it may not be possible to track the status depending on when you check the website.

Yes, you can stipulate a delivery time.
Possible delivery times: Morning, 12-14, 14-16, 16-18, 18-21

No, we cannot deliver to your home delivery box. Yamato Transport will leave a note if you are away and unable to receive your product.

In principle, you have “7 days” from the sending of the products in order to collect them. If you are not at home when the Yamato Transport driver comes, they will leave a delivery notification. Adjust the delivery date and time to another one within the collection period in order to collect your products. Under the following circumstances the products will automatically be returned to our company.

•If you fail to use the contact details provided on the delivery notification.
•If your address cannot be found.

Orders returned to us will be cancelled as having been declined.

You cannot send products from a single order to multiple addresses. If you wish to send products to multiple address, please place an order separately for each address that you wish to use.

We can accept orders to be shipped to an address other than your own. However, we do not accept orders addressed to private post-office boxes.

It will not be printed on the payment slip, but the names for the customer and of the delivery address will be printed on the “Delivery Statement”.