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A Joyful & Contemporary Italian Brand


Aldo Furlanetto founded the company in Bologna initially distributing products and fashionable ladies’ accessories via wholesale.


Aldo’s children Carlo, Paolo and Giovanna joined their father in the company. The first Furla-brand bag and accessory collection was born. The brand’s expansion began with the opening of a sales network in Italy, France and in the US.


Furla celebrated its 80th Anniversary. The Fondazione Furla was created in 2008. Furla inaugurated its online boutique to strengthen its distribution network.


The company’s new expansion and innovation project started with the strengthening of the retail distribution network, greater flexibility in the Supply Chain, and product research and development. The flagship store in Milano Duomo, the Venetian mono-brand and the store in Macao were opened as the first elegant examples of Furla’s new concept stores.