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From March 8th through April 10th*, receive a special gift with any purchase of $350 or more.

(*)The offer is valid from 03/08 to 04/10 at all US Furla full price stores and on furla.com, while supplies last.

We reserve the right to cancel any order due to unauthorised, altered or ineligible use of this offer and to modify or cancel this promotion due to system error or unforeseen events.

Terms and Conditions of the SS18 GWP gift programme (“Terms and Conditions”)

Article 1 - Sponsor

Furla (U.S.A.), with registered office at 432 Park Avenue South, 14th Floor, New York, NY, 10016 (the “Sponsor”).

Article 2 – Type of programme

Free gift with purchase

Article 3 – Name of the programme

SS18 Gift with Purchase (the “Programme”).

Article 4 – Programme Period

From March 8th to April 10th or while stocks last (the “Programme Period”).

Article 5 – Geographical scope of the Programme

5th Avenue, 654 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10022, +1 212 572 9945
Boston Copley Square, 100 Huntington Ave, Suite D008A, Boston, MA 02116, +1 6172360446
Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, 2233 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815 +1 8089212815
Roosevelt Field, 630 Old Country Road, Garden City, NY 11530, +1 516 2476750
The Forum Shops, 3500 Las Vegas Blvd, Suite E-03A, Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109 +1 702 697-0023
on the official site E-commerce Furla: www.furla.com (collectively referred to as the “Programme Stores”):

Article 6 – Eligible participants in the Programme

All individuals, when they make a purchase of one or more of the Sponsor’s products, for an amount greater than $350, at a Programme Store during the Programme Period.

Article 7- How the Programme will be conducted

During the entire Programme Period, when making a purchase at one of the Programme Stores of one or more of the Sponsor’s products, for an amount greater than $350 regardless of their nature and number (the “Purchase”), all individuals will receive a free Gift (one unit for each Purchase), as defined in these Terms and Conditions.
By purchasing the Sponsor’s products at stores other than Programme Stores will not entitle the purchaser to receive any Gift in relation to those purchases.
A single Purchase transaction (identified by the issuance of a single receipt) entitles the purchaser to receive a single Gift.
The Gift will be delivered when the Purchase is made.
Gifts will be available until stocks run out.
Gifts may not be substituted for other products or converted to cash.
In the event of substitution of the product(s) purchased that entitled the purchaser to receive a Gift, the delivery of the new product(s) will not entitle the purchaser to receive an additional Gift.
The right to receive a Gift is subject to verification by the Sponsor’s staff at Programme Stores that Programme participants have met the requirements of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 8 – Gift

Subject to the terms of the Article above, the gift consists of a single slot card holder with an indicative value of $78, including VAT (the “Gift”).

Article 9 – Publicity

By sending informational e-mails to individuals who are signed up for the Newsletter at the date of dispatch and by a dedicated online page in the site www.furla.com. In addition, by in store signage in the Programme Stores.

Article 10 - Miscellaneous:

These Terms and Conditions will be available online via the link in the newsletter informing recipients of the Programme and, in the site www.furla.com, in a dedicated online page/or and, instore.
Participation in the Programme constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by Programme participants in full and without reservation. Participation in the Programme is voluntary and free of charge.
The Sponsor reserves the right to change the provisions of the articles of these Terms and Conditions at any time in whole or in part, as long as it does not impair the rights of the individuals eligible to participate in the Programme. The Sponsor agrees to inform such individuals of any such changes in accordance with the notice provisions stated in these Terms and Conditions or in an equivalent manner.
The Sponsor may change, suspend or cancel this Programme at any time due to force majeure which makes it impossible to continue the Programme. In that event, it will inform individuals eligible to participate in the Programme in accordance with the notice provisions stated in these Terms and Conditions or in an equivalent manner.
It is estimated that the total value of Gifts to be given away will be $39,000, including VAT, subject to final adjustment based on the actual number of Gifts given away.