All our products have a 24-month quality warranty. During this period, Furla guaranties the repair or full refund of any products affected by damage or defect (according to our Terms and Conditions). Items are assessed by our quality team, who will then establish if the item is repairable or should be returned and refunded. In case you want to assess any issue with your Furla product, we kindly ask you to contact us here.

Our quality team carefully checks all our products before dispatchment. However, in case you have received a faulty item please get in touch with our Customer Service, who will be happy to assist you.

Furla offers a two-year warranty and repair service on its products. To download the warranty and instruction manual for your Timex watch, please click here.

The After Sales Assistance of Morellato watches will be valid until June 30th 2021. Starting from July 1st 2021 it will no longer be possible to require the repair for the Morellato watches. Please note that the two-years warranty, starting from the purchase date, remains valid on Morellato watches also for the Morellato watches sold after July 1st 2021. For assistance requests from the user of a Morellato watch covered by the Warranty the item will be returned and refunded. Occuring return expenses will be covered by Furla. Materials strictly not covered by the warranty are: battery change, glass, colours or plate fading (particularly due to perfume or detergents), tear, watch and strap normal usage.

If in doubt, you can always contact our Customer Service.

All Furla products are hand-made and request the highest level of craftsmanship. Every product is labelled with optimal care instructions. Please read and follow the care instructions carefully. Alternatively, you can always contact our customer service if in doubt.

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Our products have been expertly manufactured using carefully selected quality leathers processed using natural methods: any apparent imperfections are actually unique natural features. In order to safeguard its original quality, please do not expose it to heat and/or humidity sources. If it gets wet, dry it immediately with a dry soft, neutral cloth and let it dry in a well-ventilated place. The leather can be stained by exposure to water, oils or cosmetics. Use a cleaning milk/a neutral cream and a lightly moistened cloth to clean the product.


In order to preserve the quality of this item, do not expose it to direct light, wetting and dust for a long time. If it is exposed to rain, blot dry immediately with a bristle brush and let it dry in ventilated area and not to the direct action of heat. Oils and cosmetics can stain leather. When not being used, don’t leave the item in contact with other leathers, but keep it in its pouch. To clean, use a brush with soft bristles or rubber for suede.

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Note that colour shades and unevenness are not imperfections but a precious aspect that indicates the uniqueness of the product. In order to preserve the quality of this item, don’t use cream and solvents but a soft and dry cloth for cleaning. If exposed to rain, blot dry immediately with absorbent paper and let dry in ventilated area. Keep the item in a dry place and away from heat sources. Don’t leave or store the product in contact with other leathers, but keep it in its pouch.

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Use a light damp cloth for cleaning. In order to preserve the item do not use solvents and contact with leathers or other fabrics.

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These sophisticated and delicate creations require special treatments and care, so that their characteristics can last over time.Wash on delicate cycle.

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Wool is a fabric that needs to be treated with care. The alkaline solutions in detergents can affect the dye in wool and also weaken the fibres so use a gentle detergent to hand wash or dry clean.