An eyewear that accompanies you in summer and winter. In different sizes and shapes, in shiny acetate or thin metal, as soon as the sun comes out it is ready to wear.

At Furla, we are known for our elegant yet practical designs and use of high-quality materials. Each pair of our women's sunglasses is crafted from premium materials. The bright, bold hues in our sunglasses collection are also made for every occasion. You can also choose to pair your shades with classy ankle boots and create the perfect style for you.

Women’s Sunglasses

Our women’s sunglasses are designed to provide UV protection. Plus, these fashionable sunglasses are stylish enough for everyday wear anywhere.

The attention to detail and the quality craftmanship that goes into every pair of our Furla sunglasses ensures that you will always have the highest quality product. We use only the best materials to ensure that your sunglasses and designer accessories are made with care and expertise, from the frames to the lenses and all accessories.

Our collection includes many different styles of women’s sunglasses. They are available in many different designs, materials and come in a refined colour palette. You can find a pair of Furla sunglasses that suit any face shape or style! All our sunglasses can be easily paired with a cosmetic case for convenient storage while travelling. Our cases are great for safely storing your on-the-go makeup and other small items.

Furla Sunglasses

Furla was established in 1927 in Italy. What started with a passion for creating designer leather bags, soon grew to a collection that includes other luxury accessories as well. We are a proud, Italian brand. Our line of sunglasses is bold, playful and versatile. The hues are bright and vibrant yet subdued enough to be classic and stylish.