Furla feminine and contemporary crossbody bags showcase new proportions and combine different materials. Removable and contrasting shoulder straps are stylish elements that stand out.

No matter your style, Furla crossbodies are perfect for you. Whether you prefer a more understated and classic style or want to make a bold statement, there is crossbody bag that will meet your needs.

Women’s Crossbody Bags

Furla women's crossbody bags are made of pure Italian leather. This bag is the perfect alternative to a traditional purse as it can be worn across the body for additional security and comfort. It is ideal for those who want something small and stylish, but still functional. If you like something a bit more colourful and bolder, take a look at the other options like our brown leather crossbody bags. Furla crossbodies have a compact size that makes it easy to hold while still keeping all of your belongings organised.

Our leather bags are perfect for those who often find themselves short on space or need to carry their bag on their person. Our classic white and black crossbody bags are also a great option when you want to always keep your things safe and close to you.

If you need something comfortable, sturdy, and versatile enough to fit all your essentials, Furla has you covered with our line of mini crossbody bags. Alternatively, if you prefer a completely different style, you can also look at our leather bucket bags or women's large tote bags.

Furla Crossbody Bags

Furla was established in 1927 by the Furlanetto family. The family-owned business started with designer leather bags and soon included other accessories as well. Our wide range of Italian-crafted Furla bag collections reflects our history in creating beautiful bags featuring fine Italian flair.