The watch is the accessory that adds that extra twist to the look. You can choose it in silver or gold version for special occasions, colored for a more creative wrist.

When you choose our Furla women's watches, you get the sleek Italian style you love from our brand combined with the highest quality materials and artisanship. Available in a range of refined colours, sizes, and styles, you will be able to find a watch that fits your style.

Women’s Watches

Our watches are a modern timepiece and the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. Our watches are created with style in mind, and reflect a classic, refined look. The gold-tone markers add that special touch of glamour.

Our petite women's watches are great for smaller wrists or those who prefer a slimmer fit. Our black watches suit everything from casual jeans to your favourite suit for work and can immediately add some edge to any outfit. Our ladies’ watches are the epitome of style, elegance and comfort. Choose from an assortment of fashionable and functional items. The watches are available in real  leather with gold and silver finishes that will go well with our foulards and bandeaux collection.

Our collection forms part of our women’s accessories and is inspired by the Mediterranean world. It expresses a dynamic, joyful, elegant and colourful attitude towards life. Our watches for women have the same style we represent: feminine and refined models in which the attention to detail is combined with precious craftsmanship. Each watch has a clean, modern design that makes it suitable for every occasion. It is possible to choose from models with cases made of steel or ceramic or in soft colours such as yellow or rose gold watches. The dials also feature a variety of colours and patterns (round and squared watches) to give you a unique look.

Furla Watches

Furla is a luxury brand providing bags and other accessories showcasing our Italian heritage. We stand out for our style, offering high-quality products like women's jewellery, bags and wallets, that meet the needs of contemporary women.