• After purchase

    In order to protect leather, please apply a leather waterproofing spray prior to use. We recommend use of FURLA WATERGUARD.

    (Cannot be used with some leather products. Please inquire at to a Furla store for more details)

    Remove any dust or dirt from the surface of the leather, hold the leather waterproofing spray approx. 30cm away from the product and apply evenly.

    Once the spray is dry, dry wipe the product with a clean, soft cloth. (If you dry wipe a matte product it may develop a luster).

    Using the spray on the product when new after purchase, and periodically during use, will help to keep it clean.

    Recommended frequency of use of leather waterproofing spray: 2 - 3 times a month (depending on the frequency or use and use environment of the product in question).

    • Be careful when spraying not to get any on the decorations. If any does, wipe it away at once.
    • You may be unable to use certain products depending on the leather. Furthermore, in rare instances changes in color or blotchiness may occur, so first perform a test on a part of the product that will not be seen.
    • If the leather is damp, use the product after it has dried.