This service was developed by Digift to allow you to buy and send gift cards online. The solution allows you to save time on finding a gift, make instant delivery of the card or give it in person. You can choose the appropriate denomination of the card.

Not only can you write a personal wish, but you can also add your picture when you design a gift card. To do this, upload an image by clicking on the "Create your own design" icon.

We accept VISA and MasterCard, MIR and via SBP, Tinkoff Pay, Yandex Pay.

Correct beneficiary's phone number and email can be done via order tracking. If you did not manage to do this yourself, please contact our support service by phone 8-800-511-26-31 and tell order number. We will correct the e-mail/phone number and send the card to your desired address.

You will receive an email notification if the email is not delivered to the recipient. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Customer Service with your order number and we will check with you to see if the recipient has viewed the gift card.

No, only the face value of the card is charged, and we will not impose any other fees.

36 months from the date of purchase of the gift card.

Your card is reusable! That means you can use it to pay for multiple orders, as long as you have enough balance to do so.

Our support service phone number is 8-800-511-26-31, which is available from 9 to 21 Moscow time every day. If your question requires an urgent solution, email us at support@digift.ru, in Telegram @digiftcc_bot

Add the item you are interested in to your cart. Go to the cart to pay for your purchase. Click the "Checkout" button, then select "Gift Card" at the point of payment. For getting the secret pin-code you need to click "Get Pin", the pin-code will be sent via SMS to your phone number.

Choose a product, go to the cashier to pay for the purchase. To get a secret pin-code press the button "Get Pin", the pin-code will come in the form of SMS to your phone number. Enter the pin-code and a bar-code will be displayed. Show the bar-code to the cashier for scanning.

Digift is a platform providing the issuance and circulation of electronic gift cards.

To do this you need to specify your e-mail address as the recipient. Print out the card by following the link in the gift-giving letter. Activate the card yourself and give the PIN-code of the card to the Receiver.

Yes. If you send separate gift cards to two (or more) people to their shared email address, they will receive two (or more) messages. The address in the body of the email will match the recipient's name that you provided in the purchase process.

The email will arrive within minutes after you pay for your order. If you indicated your preferred date and time of receipt of the card when you placed your order, delivery will occur strictly according to that schedule. You can track the delivery by tracking.

The Recipient will receive an email with the subject line, ""Your Name" has sent you a FURLA gift card." The email will contain a link to view the printable gift card.

The card is already activated, no further action is required. To get the secret pin code you need to press "Get pin", the pin code will come in the form of SMS to your phone number.

Pin-code is a 4-digit number, your unique identification number, necessary to buy with gift card. PIN-code is sent only by sms, not sent by e-mail and not stored in personal cabinet. For security of funds on the card, do not tell your PIN-code to anyone and keep it separately from the card number.

You can use your gift card when you place an order in the FURLA online store and retail stores.

When you pay with your card, you do not need to print the card, just know the card number and PIN when you place your order.

The card number is only available in the Personal profile of the cardholder, and we send the PIN-code only to the authorized cell phone number, which protects the card against theft. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Service.

Gift card receipt tracking is available by order tracking.

Your gift card has monetary value and should be protected like cash. If you lose your printed gift card with your PIN number on it, or if you suspect it is stolen or copied, contact Customer Service immediately. If your card has not been used, we will reissue it.

If for some reason the gift card email was deleted, you can restore it by contacting Customer Service.