The new women's collection seamlessly blends soft and classic shapes that accentuate femininity, alongside square profiles exuding contemporary charm. Functional creations suitable for every occasion.

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Are you looking for high-quality, Italian-styled handbags? Or perhaps, it’s our bags for women that piqued your interest? Our catalog contains handbags and accessories for women, including genuine leather handbags, wallets, and other high-quality handbags and accessories.

Women’s Bags & Accessories

In our exclusive bags collection, you’ll find bags in different styles, such as handbags, shoulder bags and crossbody bags. A bag for every situation, whether you’re going to an exclusive event or traveling around the world - you’ll be able to find the perfect Italian handbag with us. Our handbags and accessories collection includes beautiful crafted women’s bags such as our exquisite Italian leather handbags and purses in a variety of styles and a refined color palette.

We also have a range of designer women’s accessories that includes purses, wallets, shoes for women and more. Regarding purses and accessories, we feature a wide selection of Italian belts, watches and jewelry. Looking for a fine leather belt or for watches? We have it covered with our exclusive range of Furla watches in rose gold and silver. That’s not all. Our range of women’s accessories also includes sunglasses, scarves, textiles, keyrings, and anything else needed to curate an Italian-styled look.

Furla Handbags & Purses

Furla was established in 1927 in Italy by the Furlanetto family and is dedicated to quality Italian craftsmanship. Each of the products included in our range of handbags are made using the finest Italian leather and fabric. Our range of handbags and other accessories are carefully crafted keeping in mind our goals of creating authentic contemporary Italian products that spark joy and creativity while still being functional.