Discover the paisley motifs and patterns of the Furla scarf, bandana, stole and foulard collections. Buy them online on the official website.

Silk scarves are a stylish accessory with many different uses. Our designer scarves can be worn on your wrist, in your hair, around your neck or attached to any of our leather bags. Discover our range of bandanas, neck scarves, stoles and foulard collections.

Women’s Scarves and Bandeaux

Our scarves range includes various styles, motifs, and patterns. Some of the popular styles you can consider include a silk scarf, a neck scarf, and a kerchief scarf. Are you looking for a square scarf? The Furla Tortona range has just what you need.

Scarves are very versatile accessories for women. You can wear our designer silk scarves around your neck, arm or bag. The thin ribbon design makes it an ideal accessory to add a pop of color to your outfit. Our Furla Metropolis range includes a wide selection of bandeaux in different patterns and color combinations. By matching our women’s shoes with scarves and bags, you can create a cohesive and designer outfit.

Furla Scarves

Furla was established in 1927 by the Furlanetto family. The brand prides itself on creating designer, contemporary goods that show an artistic and creative Italian flair. Our silk scarf range is made from the finest silk that’s been sustainably sourced. They make stylish additions to our designer leather bags. Our scarf collection also features designer patterns and motifs in keeping with the top fashion trends while reflecting superior Italian quality.