Furla feminine and contemporary crossbody bags showcase new proportions and combine different materials. Removable and contrasting shoulder straps are stylish elements that stand out.

  • Mini Bag M Furla 1927 Mini Bag M Furla 1927

Function meets style with our range of crossbody bags. Ensuring extra security while wearing them, these crossbodies also offer clean lines and refined details to ensure a stylish look while being worn. The bags included in our range come in a variety of styles, color, sizes and materials. This ensures an ideal bag for your unique style and preferences.

Women’s Crossbody Bags & Purses

Our range includes Italian crafted tote and hobo crossbodies for those who prefer large bags. For those that prefer smaller bags, our collection contains purses, wallet crossbody bags and mini crossbody bags.

When it comes to style, we have designer bags with classy embellishments. Our range of bags can add some edge to your outfit while remaining stylish. At the same time, our crossbody tote bags add casual flair to your outfit, with some added security.

Our collection of bags come in a range of sophisticated colors. Why not look at a white crossbody bag such as the Furla Metropolis to add some contrast to your outfit? You can also add a pop of color to your look with a Furla bag in a beautiful Mandarino-color.

Furla Crossbodies

Since Furla’s establishment in 1927, the business had a goal of creating high quality designer Italian products. Our range of bags also includes a range of expertly crafted genuine leather crossbody bags. Furla bags are made from the finest Italian leather that has been sourced responsibly. The Furla 1927 mini crossbody is an example of our proud Italian design, in expertly crafted leather. If you’re looking for an exquisite leather bag or a crossbody purse, our collection of designer bags has something for everyone.